Let Us Bring Kaylene Closer to You!

Over the years, we learnt that the reason why our customers come back to us is because of how we have formed a bond between us. We truly believe in what Kaylene stands for and we channel that passion into dressing our ladies to give them an extra boost in their confidence. This trust that our customers have in us, has allowed this special bond to blossom into many beautiful friendships. 

It is always tough to step out of your comfort zone or change your style. We encourage our customers to at least try something new in terms of styling themselves as a bonus tip from shopping with us. While doing this, we give our customers honest opinions to make it a point to enhance your beauty and minimize your insecurities. 

We know your time is precious and we know that you will enjoy this newly introduced personalized service. It is meant for you to achieve a fulfilling shopping experience with Kaylene! Get the expert's help, get a wardrobe overhaul and start everyday dressed in exquisite Kaylene pieces 😘

  1. *Book a Session at the Boutique!*
If it's your first time coming to Kaylene and you're not sure about how our sizing chart works or what kind of cuts suits you, book a session with us at the boutique to find out how it can work out for you! 
Just want to hang with our founder and get her opinions while you shop? Book an hour session to make sure your trip here is accompanied by her!
Want Kayde to deliver it to you and stay to help with the fit or give suggestions while you try on the pieces? 
Spend $298 and above to enjoy this special feature!