Book a Styling Session with Kayde

What is "Book a Styling Session with Kayde" about?

It is specially done for our customers who love it when our founder personally handpick and recommend clothings for them. Since starting the business in December 2007, she has become an expert in styling our plus size ladies.

Don't know what your style is or what suits your body type? Book a session to find the perfects cuts and fits!

Do I have to pay a fee to book a session?

Yes you do! It will be $40 for one session which is timed at 1 hour each. When you've found the your favourite pieces to bring home, the $40 will be deducted from your total bill! 

Can I extend my session?

Any slight extension is strictly subjected to available time slots. 

Can I change my appointment?

Yes, you can reschedule before three days before of your appointment.

If you would like to schedule less than 3 days before the appointment, please book another appointment. Your $40 deposit will be forfeited in this scenario. Please book another appointment. The earliest appointment must be made at least 24 hours in advance!

Can I bring my friends along?

Yes you can bring your friends to the shop! The more the merrier! It will be strictly 1 hour unless Kayde's schedule allows. 

*How do I book a session with Kayde in our shop?*

Step 1: Click HERE and book a time slot. 

Step 2: Send us a WhatsApp message @ +65 9477 7028 on why you are booking the session. Preferences can also be sent through whatsapp!

1) Wardrobe overhaul.

2) Need an outfit to attend weddings/events

3) Love our new arrivals!

4) Unsure of what kind of styles and cuts suits you.


*Terms and conditions apply. Kaylene reserves all rights to alter or change the mention information without prior notice.