If you haven’t shopped at Kaylene, this would be quite a great overview of how your shopping experience would be like with us!

At Kaylene, we want to be your personal shopper to guide you towards getting the perfect fit for our range of clothes. We hear you when you voice out opinions on how certain pieces will fit better or which kinds of clothing you want to see more in our stores. We also put a lot of emphasis on the quality and practicality of our exclusive pieces so that these pieces will become investment pieces in your closet!

Here's a short clip we filmed a while back~

With sufficient feedbacks, we understand the needs of our plus size ladies and here's a couple of our tweaks:

  • A lot of our pear-shaped ladies have skipped out on skorts and skater skirts because of how the back of the skirt/skort is usually much shorter than the front. We didn’t want our customers to miss out on such sweet pieces just because of something so minor that can be easily fixed which was the length! So, we recreated our own skorts to fix this problem!

  Check out this super cute piece *HERE*.

  • We know that the heat in Singapore is crazy! We ended up using a mix of synthetic fabric made with cotton & spandex which is commonly used for sportswear as they are breathable fabrics that absorbs sweat easily and able to keep you cool most of the time! Our skorts are also from the same range and have the same material!

Check out this dress *HERE*.

  • Another option we used to combat the hot weather was lightweight polyester fabrics! This is extremely loved by our customers!

Here’s a blouse that we have constantly remade: *Flare Sleeve Blouse with Geometric Straps (Green/Pink)*.

  • Blazers and Cardigans!

Trust me, we understand how difficult it is to find plus size cardigans and blazers. Longer cardigans with long sleeves can be quite hot to wear with the weather in Singapore. Long cardigans tend to hide most parts of the dress that we are wearing. However, with the cropped cardigan, it is only acting as additional short sleeves. You can get it *HERE*.

As much as chiffon material is able to create a more elegant and formal look, it can also be restrictive in terms of stretch. To suit our ladies with larger arms, we designed a cardigan with stretchy cotton material while still incorporating chiffon elements so that this cardigan still looks like a dressy piece! Click *HERE* to get it.

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